Full Valet




5-7 hours

About Our Full Valet Service

The full valet is designed to give your vehicles interior and exterior a thorough deep clean, including carpet and seats shampoo cleaned and leather cleaned and treated if applicable. Also deep cleaning all interior surfaces, dressed and windows cleaned, followed with a thorough deep clean of your vehicles exterior that includes wheels, arches and body work as well as all tar removed from your vehicles painwork followed by treating your paintwork with a thorough hand polish. This is the perfect package to enhance your vehicles appearance throughout


  • Interior vaccumed. (Including; carpets, seats and boot)
  • Interior shampoo cleaned (Inluding; carpets, seats and boot)
  • Headlining cleaned where applicable
  • Leather cleaned if applicable
  • All interior surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.
  • All Interior surfaces are dressed
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Air Freshener applied to vehicle


  • Wheels and arches rinsed.
  • Wheels cleaned with specific non-acidic wheel cleaners and a variety of brushes.
  • Wheels rinsed.
  • Citrus pre-wash applied to lower half of vehicle and thoroughly rinsed to remove any loose debris on vehicles surfaces.
  • PH Neutral pre-wash/snow foam is applied to the vehicle.
  • Vehicle is thoroughly rinsed.
  • Vehicle is washed via 2 grit guarded buckets with PH Neutral shampoo and soft lambswool wash mitts.
  • Vehicle is dried with ulta soft drying towels
  • Door shuts dried.
  • Tar is removed from vehicles exterior surfaces
  • Paintwork is hand polished with all in one polish
  • All stainless steel and chrome is thoroughly cleaned and polished
  • Quick detailer applied to paintwork
  • Arches dressed.
  • Tyres dressed

Additional services

Leather Colouring from £65.00 (per seat)
Leather Protection from £60.00
Fabric Protection from £60.00
Wheel Refurbishment from £50.00 (per wheel)
Soft Top Colouring from £75.00
Soft Top Protection from £35.00
Engine Bay Detail from £50.00
Glass Protection from £45.00
Dok do Ceramic "super coating", whose task is to extract, underline and preserve the beauty of the car. Her incredible scratch resistance, enhanced depth of the paint and beautiful gloss make it second to none. The Dok Do is the number one in the world of auto detailing. £200.00
Butterfly Butterfly is a premium class ceramic coating. With advanced technology and high purity used in the manufacture of the material it is extremely hard and gives a deep gloss varnish. It is today the most popular protective coating in the Fireball range. £150.00
Silla Silla is a coating designed for additional security against environmental pollution and chemicals. Silla coating can be applied to any other Fireball coating product, to provide additional protection. £100.00
Fusion Wax Fusion Wax is made as a show wax and demonstrates high-end super hydrophobic water behaviour and paint surface protection. Fusion Wax is made with Brazil T1 Carnauba and SiO2 and we combine mainly these 2 raw materials with other appropriate products in the mixture. Fusion Wax will show super hydrophobic water behaviours after 2 hours and demonstrate a surface wet-look after about 6 hours. £100.00
Nano Coat Fireball Ultimate Nano Coat is very easy to apply, has high levels of beading and sheeting, its superhydrophobic and gives a high gloss finish. Will generally last 1 to 2 months as an effective hydrophobic nano coating. £50.00
Talon Talon is a ceramic coating, its composition comprises of material which causes it to have additional flexibility and have great resistance to extreme high temperatures. It can be used even on the brake callipers racing cars, where the temperature dials and terminals may be as high as several hundred degrees Celsius. Shelf life: about 6 to 9 months (maintenance free). £60.00 (wheels/plastics)